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Dr. Kristan Ingraham

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Why a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Kristan Ingraham, DMD

Dr. Kristan Ingraham, DMD

Pediatric Dentist

After having earned her D.M.D. degree, Dr. Kristan Ingraham received advanced training in pediatric dentistry through a two-year hospital based residency program. She then underwent a series of rigorous testing through the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry to become a board certified specialist. Dr. Kristan’s extensive training and testing is a testament to her dedication in treating children with excellence. Board certification is a process by which specialists continually validate their knowledge, skills and expertise in order to provide high level quality care to infants, children, adolescents and patients with special healthcare needs. Dr. Kristan is experienced in treating children with different developmental and behavioral needs. She believes that every child is unique and deserves a custom approach to their dental visit to ensure healthy and positive lifelong dental experiences.

Routine Prevention

Regular dental exams are crucial for the developing child. In addition to monitoring the teeth for cavities, a thorough dental exam includes an evaluation for tooth defects and any soft tissue anomalies or diseases. It also includes an assessment of the growth and development of your child’s teeth, face and upper and lower jaw bones.


Digital x-rays are safer than formerly used analog x-rays. At Pyramid Family Dental, we use the lowest amount of radiation when taking x-rays and we only take x-rays when needed. 

  • Bitewing Dental x-rays are important for detecting cavities in between teeth where it is impossible to visualize.
  • A Panoramic Dental x-ray is crucial for evaluating the developing oral-maxillo-facial complex in children and is only taken every few years after your child’s adult teeth start to erupt. Panoramic x-rays allow us to evaluate for any missing or extra adult teeth, any disturbances in the eruption of adult teeth and for diseases of the upper and lower jaw bones. 

Application of safe levels of topical fluoride to strengthen your child’s existing and developing teeth.

Dental Sealants

The deep pits and grooves of a newly erupted adult molar can trap food and debris making these surfaces more prone to developing cavities.

A dental sealant is a material that is applied to the deep pits and grooves of the adult molars to help prevent cavities forming on these susceptible surfaces.

Here at Pyramid Family Dental, we use sealant material with No Bisphenol A, No Bis-GMA, No BPA Derivatives.

Dental Decay

A cavity can be formed when the bacteria in one’s mouth is repeatedly exposed to sugar and simple carbohydrates Over time the bacteria can cause the surface of the tooth to decay resulting in a cavitation or hole. 

Once dental decay results in a cavity, that decay must be removed to prevent the spread of decay to deeper surfaces of the tooth.

Untreated dental decay can lead to toothaches, headaches, severe pain, tooth loss and dental infections. Very rarely, a dental infection can spread to the face, head and neck becoming a medical emergency. 

Routine exams and early detection of dental decay can allow for simple treatment and avoiding tooth loss, pain and dental infections. 

Dental Fillings

Composite material is a tooth-colored filling material that can be used to treat small to medium sized cavities. Composite fillings are both esthetic and durable. 

When a dental cavity affects a large portion of the tooth or when the decay reaches the center of the tooth where the nerve lies, a full coverage baby tooth crown is recommended. These crowns fall off when the baby tooth naturally sheds when the child is older. 

When the dental decay reaches the nerve of a tooth and the tooth does not display any signs of pain or infection, a procedure called a pulpotomy may be performed to save baby molars. 

In some cases, a cavity can lead to a small tooth infection at which point a simple extraction of the baby tooth is recommended. The extraction of baby teeth is a lot faster and less complicated than the extraction of most adult teeth.

Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide gas along with oxygen are used at safe and low levels to provide a reduction of anxiety, allowing for the patient to have a more relaxed dental experience. 

Nitrous oxide gas at low levels along with oxygen will not sedate your child and is safe for most children. There is no recovery time needed as low levels of nitrous oxide gas with oxygen do NOT put the child to sleep, and do NOT adversely affect the cardiovascular or pulmonary systems. 

Other Pediatric Dental Services

Dental space maintainers are used when a baby tooth needs to be extracted at a young age. This simple orthodontic appliance is used to hold the space of the missing baby tooth. It prevents other teeth from shifting and potentially blocking the proper eruption of certain adult teeth once the child is older.


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